What we do

Yalla Jordan is a dynamic co-working space and hub for collaboration, creativity, and community engagement. Our meeting venues and immersive local experience bolster capacities for positive societal change and empower individuals and youth in areas such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, language exchange, cultural enrichment, women's empowerment and environmental consciousness. Our initiatives address critical social, economic, health, and political dimensions of life, rooted in our values of respect, partnership, and integration.

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Yalla Jordan empowers positive change by offering essential venue resources, fostering meaningful connections, and guiding professionals in event organization. As a space for events, we champion women and entrepreneurs, contributing to our vision of a society fueled by transformative action. Our collaborative events achieve three key goals: enhancing participant skills, supporting business ventures, and establishing enduring networks across all societal layers.


Yalla Jordan is located a two-minute walk from Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman in the cultural intersection of East and West. Here, tradition and modernity, locals and foreigners, executives and busboys, characterize the progressive social development and cultural heritage of Jabal Amman. Yalla Jordan's community center expands this cultural realm through engaging activities integrated into the local community. Our venue includes a rooftop with a view of old Amman, an event space, and outdoor facilities.

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