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Yalla Jordan is a dynamic community hub and co-working space that connects people across cultures and social barriers by empowering aspiring professionals through event orchestration. Our vision is to forge a society where peace, respect, dialogue and positive change are championed by the creative vigor of our youth.

What we do

Yalla Jordan is laser-focused on cultivating a vibrant co-working space that functions as a nucleus for collaboration, creativity, and community engagement. Our focal points, spanning co-working spaces, meeting venues, and immersive local experiences, align seamlessly with our mission of bolstering institutional and individual capacities for positive societal change. Our diverse array of activities is crafted to empower individuals, especially the youth, across key domains including women's empowerment, entrepreneurship, sustainability, language exchange, cultural enrichment, and environmental consciousness. These initiatives address critical social, economic, health, and political dimensions of life, rooted in our values of respect, partnership, and integration.

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Yalla Jordan empowers individuals and communities for positive change by providing essential venue resources, facilitating meaningful connections and helping professionals organize events from A to Z. As an event space, Yalla Jordan supports women and entrepreneurs toward our vision of a society driven by transformative action. Our collaborative events serve three main goals of simultaneously improving the skills of participants, helping individuals start or grow their own businesses, and creating lasting networks through all layers of society.


Yalla Jordan is located a two-minute walk from the bustling Rainbow street on Jabal Amman, the cultural melting pot of East and West of the city. The location is the meeting point of traditional and modern, local and foreigner, business executive and busboy. Jabal Amman is a site of progressive social development and traditional cultural heritage, and Yalla Jordan’s community center further expands this cultural and social zone through its activities. With excursions to other places in this bustling central area, Yalla Jordan’s community center is a connected and integral part of the residing cultural community. Our building is fitted with a rooftop overlooking old Amman in addition to a suitable event venue and facilities with an additional outdoor area.

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